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Veterinary Service

In-house Lab Testing in Colchester, VT

We provide In-house lab testing services at the Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic.

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Blood testing helps us to establish healthy baseline values and identify problems early before obvious signs of illness occur. It also helps us to monitor pets on medications. With our in-house lab, we can get much-needed information fast.

A useful diagnostic method in veterinary medicine is laboratory testing. We are delighted to offer in-house diagnostic laboratory services as a way of offering top-notch treatment to our patients as we consistently endeavor to provide the highest-quality medicine.

At Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic, we are pleased to provide in-house lab testing for our clients. This enables us to carry out a variety of diagnostic tests on-site and give your pet the finest care possible. With an in-house lab test, we can rapidly receive results and, if necessary, immediately begin therapy.