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Veterinary Service

Digital Radiographs in
Colchester, VT

We provide digital radiograph services at the Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic.

Digital Radiographs

With our new digital radiographs, we are able to have quicker results and less time with the patient under sedation or away from the owner. We are also able to email radiographs to any specialist without any delay. For many years, veterinarians have employed radiographs as a reliable, non-invasive method to examine the internal parts of an animal’s body. High-energy radiography beams are directed into the desired area of your pet’s body using radiograph equipment. The radiographic rays will be absorbed by the denser tissues in your pet’s body, such as the bones and teeth, and this will be captured on the computer screen.

The use of radiographs is a crucial technique that can aid in the accurate diagnosis of your pet. Our radiology department is staffed by compassionate, knowledgeable individuals who will deliver cutting-edge care with compassion and knowledge.