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Veterinary Service

Dentistry in
Colchester, VT

We provide dentistry services at the Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic.

Dog holding a toothbrush

A healthy mouth is a vital part of keeping your pet healthy and happy for years to come. Many of our pets endure acute and chronic dental discomfort, as well as systemic bacterial infections brought on by periodontal disease, tooth fractures, tooth resorption, and a variety of oral disorders. The aim of our team is to assist you in recognizing, minimizing, and avoiding the discomfort and systemic side effects of these diseases for your pet.

Regular dental checkups for dogs and cats are just as vital as they are for you. The general health of your pet is closely related to how they feel in its mouth.

Dental disease is frequently uncomfortable and may potentially reduce a dog or cat’s life. It functions by gradually destroying the tissue that supports your pet’s mouth and by dispersing dangerous bacteria throughout your pet’s circulation.